How can we explore options with you?


Whatever we do within your business - even the initial discussions - are initiated with a traditional Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA); either, one you would like us to use, or we can provided one.  Our discusssion will begin as an open ended, no obligation discussion of what you are attempting to accomplish. Should it be determined that our services would be of benefit, we will ask enough questions to forge the template of a written agreement; with, options (e.g. term, scope of services, etc.) as required and agreed to per our discussions.  We are not seeking partner, principal level relationships; as, we find our level of impartiality and expectations can be held to a more objective and professional level.  


When would you be available?

Our strongest benefit is that we are involved with multiple business entities and efforts. Consequently, we would request an appointment time to determine if there is strong reasion for Market Hunters to proceed with a plan and agreement with you and your company.  Any key timeline and objectives will be agreed to within the agreement; with, provisions (as needed) for modifications and process for doing so elaborated up front within the agreement.  Any provisions for commissions, fees, expenses, etc. will also be contained within said agreement. 

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We offer a wide variety of consulting and turn-key system solutions. For more details, check out our Services 

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